Why Half Round Gutter System

Posted by Firas Shaddoud on

The half round gutter system will provide your home with a unique and elegant look as well as the best rain carrying system.

These systems are available in a variety of materials, such as Galvanized Steel, Copper, and Zinc, accommodating every home and every customer’s taste. They also offer a stronger system for your home.

Half round gutters are installed using fascia brackets, which carry the gutter from underneath. The standard seamless gutters are installed using hidden hangers which lay inside the gutter every 16-20 inches. This difference in installation  makes the half round gutters less susceptible to clogging. Leaves are more likely to clog the seamless gutters due to the placement of the hidden hangers inside the gutters, but the half round gutters are less likely to become clogged by leaves or become damaged by snow. Unlike the seamless gutters, half round gutters are smooth on the inside which prevents snow from interlocking with the inside of the gutter when it melts and refreezes in the winter. When snow melts and refreezes inside the seamless gutters, it will expand in the gutter and cause damage.


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